Price Vs. Value

Here’s a quick story about a customer that bought doors from one of our competitors because they were $50 cheaper per door,she soon found out that the cheaper price wasn’t such a great deal. We have some competitors in our service area that, like us, do quality work at a reasonable price, nothing bad about good, honest competition. Something none of us want is “cut throat sales tactics” at the consumers expense. We encourage you check out our customer reviews and make a visit to Angie’s List,where you the consumer rate a business (good or bad). Businesses rated on Angie’s List have no control of what’s placed there unless it is false information. The following photo’s will show how going for “the cheapest price” was in fact “a bad deal”

The picture below shows two very important “additional” items installed on the top section of the door,

a “strut” and an “e.o. bracket”.