Installing Your Own Door?

In today’s economy we all try to save a few bucks whenever we can.Last week I went to a couple service calls where the customers had gone to a box store and purchased garage doors and made an attempt to install them.The first customer stated they had over thirty hours trying to get them to work correctly,they had it mostly correct but not all,the brackets that hold the tracks to the wall were installed wrong for the thickness of the door.Luckily no damage was done to the door.I had to “undo” their work and start over.My second customer had purchased two doors (cheaply made single skin with an insulated backer) cash and carry about $400 each.He had installed one door completely and the other partially.He finally gave up and called me.I looked at the doors,he had installed the center hinges backwards,the hinges were broken and the door sections were bent and twisted,they were too damaged to ever work correctly.He had the wrong tracks for the ceiling height and the doors didn’t have very good insulating value, only R-6,since the garage was in the basement of his house he should have been thinking more insulating value.My customer decided to purchase two doors from me,now he has exactly what he wants,two 3 layer construction doors with an R 13.5 insulating value and insulated windows,the correct tracks and a professional install.One of the difficult parts of purchasing doors from a box store is knowing what you need and knowing the quality of the product you are purchasing.A responsible garage door professional will help you make good informed decisions,a great install and years of problem free operation.Will a box store provide that kind of service?Does the employee at a box store know garage doors?Who do you call if there is a problem?

Price Vs. Value

Here’s a quick story about a customer that bought doors from one of our competitors because they were $50 cheaper per door,she soon found out that the cheaper price wasn’t such a great deal. We have some competitors in our service area that, like us, do quality work at a reasonable price, nothing bad about good, honest competition. Something none of us want is “cut throat sales tactics” at the consumers expense. We encourage you check out our customer reviews and make a visit to Angie’s List,where you the consumer rate a business (good or bad). Businesses rated on Angie’s List have no control of what’s placed there unless it is false information. The following photo’s will show how going for “the cheapest price” was in fact “a bad deal”

The picture below shows two very important “additional” items installed on the top section of the door,

a “strut” and an “e.o. bracket”.

Door Will Not Close ,Safety Beam Sensors

If your door will open fine but will not close check the safety beam sensors. If you need to get the door closed before a service person can get to you try holding the wall switch button in until the door closes all the way and then you can release the button.


Does your opener do this?


Does your door opener do this? The motor runs but nothing moves,the gears are stripped.The number one cause of this is the door being in disrepair! Lack of maintenance on the door brings a range of problems.Your opener is designed as a “convenience” and not to “muscle” the door up and down.Don’t fret we can repair your opener and make sure your door is operating correctly! This is not limited to Chamberlain openers and we can fix them all!!

Opener Transmission Gears
Opener Transmission Gears

Helpful info about your garage door and opener

Hello All and welcome to our helpful info blog page. On this blog we will help you with any question you may have about your garage door and electric door opener.We’ll post some of the most common calls we get weekly,many of which are simple fixes you can do yourself.Your door and opener should be serviced by a professional periodically,we know what to look for to make sure everything is in safe working order.If you would like to follow our helpful blog and receive an email with new tips, please go to the side bar on right of page and click “follow via Email”.

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